Cat Arthritis Symptoms

Cat Arthritis – Learning Symptoms and Treatment

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Cats are odd but wonderful creatures. When cats don’t feel well, though, it can be a struggle to understand what is wrong. Cat arthritis is a progressive condition that stems from an inflammation of the joints. Usually a chronic condition with recurring symptoms, cat arthritis will usually appear in older cats. But younger cats can also suffer from it.

Cat Arthritis Symptoms

Cat arthritis usually shows up when the disease has already progressed. This can make it difficult to detect the condition early on. It’s a good idea to pay attention and note changes in your cat’s behavior. This is especially true for cats advancing in age. Cats with arthritis also show limping or stiffness in their joints. They’re reluctant to play and will often resist being touched The condition can be quite painful cats often show signs of being irritable.

Can Cat Arthritis Be Prevented?

Prevention of cat arthritis can very.  Because it is caused by age and the cat’s breed there may be indicators. Size of the cat can also contribute to the development of this disease.

What is important is that the cat receives treated when signs show up. Always consulting the veterinarian first for a diagnosis and care.

Treatment for Cat Arthritis

While it is not known if cat arthritis can be prevented, controlling your cats weight can help. Making sure your cat is fed a proper diet  but it may be prudent to ensure that your cat is not overweight. Try to keep a balanced diet to ensure that your cat is well-nourished but that he does not gain too much weight. Proper exercise is also key to help cats maintain their weight so make sure your pet has enough opportunities to participate in physical activities.

An early diagnosis of cat arthritis will be an important factor in helping minimize symptoms and prevent further damage. Some supplements have been shown to help alleviate the pain associated with cat arthritis.

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